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ABT Holdings is a diversified holding company engaged in investing, acquiring, developing, and growing various businesses that provide strategic advantages, generate attractive returns to maximize value of our shareholders.


Founded in 1957, ABT Holdings is a US based holding company headquartered in Pasadena, California. We currently trade on OTC Markets under the symbol OTC Pink: ABOT.


We provide decades of experience in the field of advanced software technology, business development, corporate strategy, project management, private equity and creative investments.


Across our portfolio of companies, we are fueling the development of innovative technologies and creative business ideas that will keep us at the forefront of sustainable competitive advantage.


We are commited to integrating finance, communication, marketing and securities law compliance. Sign up to receive e-mail alerts whenever we post new information to the site about our portfolio of businesses.

ABT enters hyper-efficient logistcis industry through acquisition of Scoobeez.

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Our Industry Focus

Our area of interest is in growth sectors such as mobile app, software development, hyper-efficient logistics services catering to on-demand economy, financial and information technologies, financial services, mining, and other sectors.

Our AutoClaim App - Revolutionizing the Auto Insurance Industry.

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AutoClaim App

What Senior Management is Saying About AutoClaim App?

Auto Insurance - Drivers

The number of people with a driver's license in the United States rose steadily from 1988 to 2014. In 1988, the number of licensed drivers totaled 163 million and by 2014 this number had increased to around 212 million.

Auto Insurance - Claims

Liability insurance pays for the policyholder’s legal responsibility to others for bodily injury or property damage. Collision and comprehensive insurance cover property damage and theft to the policyholder’s car.

Auto Insurance - Coverage

77 percent of insured drivers purchase comprehensive coverage in addition to liability insurance, and 72 percent buy collision coverage, based on analysis of 2012 NAIC data.

Auto Insurance - Expenditures

The average auto insurance expenditure rose from $798 in 2011 to $815 in 2012, according to a December 2014 report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.

Mobile App Market

46 percent of app users report having paid for their apps, consequently, by 2017, its expected that over 268 billion downloads will generate $77 billion worth of revenue.

Mobile Users

Mobile use continues to grow globally with over 1 billion units being sold. Also, 91% of US adult population owns a mobile phone with large majority favoring iPhone and Android platform.


With more than 10 vehicle accidents every minute and over 90% of the accident victims have a smartphone with them, AutoClaim App is a must-have as it is a complete accident documentation and claim management mobile application at your finger tips. It also allows you to contact authorities and notify your loved one with aclick of a button or via voice command.

Free for Individual Use

Protect your loved ones

Protect business and employees

Full Accident Documentation

Take Real Time Photo

Draw Injury Diagram on the App

Get Exact Accident Location

Communicate Via App

Access Local Providers

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